One Day Classic Tour

Start a visit to Angkor wat the masterpiece of architecture and a best known temple that covers an area of 1.9 km2, enjoy the picturesque area from the front of the temple and walk slowly to the main part and admire the base-relieves on the wall of the first corridor that mentions the legend and mythology taken from India.
Followed by Angkor thom, the ancient city for Khmer empire built in late 12th century and abandoned in 15th century.
Walk through the south gate of Angkor thom, you will be amazed by the giant gate decorated with four faces of Buddhisatva and lines of demons and gods holding the bodies of serpents. Take a ride to Bayon located in the center of Angkor Thom, it is one of the many visitors favorite temples, arranged in three floors adorned by 49 towers and faces on each of them. If time is still available you can also some enjoy photos of terrace of elephants and terrace of leper king.
After lunch take a ride heading Ta Prohm, a jungle and most ruinous temple dedicated to mother of Jayavarman vii.The giant tree trunks reaching through the ancient temple building with their root hanging down in the shapes of the bodies of the snakes or octopus, some insert between the stone joints cracking the stone apart.

Price ListPrice per Day
Tour Guide English Speaking35$
Tuk Tuk15$

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