Hello. My name is Polin. I'm 35 years old this year. I have got 5 people in my family include my 1 adopted girls. I'm the first child in my family. I was born in the country side at Donhong village, Dom Dek Commune, Soutnikum District Siem Reap province.

This area is very far from Siem Reap city, around 50 km on the way to Beng MeaLea temple and Kor Ker Temple. As my village doesn't have a high school for learning I decided to leave home in 2000. I moved from my village to live in Siem Reap to continue my studying at Bakong District. I lived as a monk at Lo Loi temple for one year. In 2001 I moved from Wat Lo Loi pagoda to stay with the Angkor Disabled Organization. Here I worked as a student and Volunteer teacher. During my studying and teaching I was working as a motorbike driver at night every night. In 2003 I finished at high school and driving school as well. Later that year I went to learn at University but I didn’t have the money yet. I decided to be a tuk tuk taxi driver in Siem Reap. Now I have got plenty of experience as I have been for driving customers for 8 years. Please try my service - I guarantee that you will see the real Cambodia!